Monthly Archives: April 2013

Losing friends

Losing friends is always a hard process, it’s also always hard to realize when you’re going through it. At first, you experience denial. That when you refuse to accept that a few people are drifting away from you. After this comes the “trying to make things work” stage. That’s also a form of denial, but this time you actually act uppon it. You try as hard as you can to make things work by organizing all kinds of stuff. You schedule, re-schedule until you finally realize that some things are just nott worth fighting for. You realize that all the time you’ve spent trying to reach out to that one friend of yours, you’ve neglected thr other ones. That’s pretty much where I’m at right now: it’s no longer denial, and I’m definitely not fighting anymore. It’s still hard though when you think about the fact that you’ve been the only one trying all this time. However, it also helps you realize that maybe some things are not worth fighting for and that sometimes moving on is the best solution to the problem. Actually, once you stop feeling guilty for not being able to keep this friendship alive, you start enjoying life again and you see that you’ve missed out on so many opportunities. I feel like losing friends can also have it’s great deal of good outcomes. I mean at least you know that the friends you have now, you don’t have to force things to make them work.