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The Same Goes For Dreams

forest greenwell

A fake plant will never bloom,

never grow.

But it will also never die,

and what a price to

pay for eternity.

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If you want liberty, you have to fight for it

If you want to be free, you have to sacrifice yourself

Life is  about giving and not expecting anything in return. Giving your all and then hoping for the best. When I’m talking about sacrifice, I’m not talking about the small ones. You need to give up on the things that truly matter. The ones that once made you who you were. You have to be able to let go of these things and to slowly replace them with new ones. Although it’ll hurt every time you’ll have to let go of them, the pain will fade away every time. And soon enough, you’ll think you got used to losing a little bit of yourself every second of your existence. But the truth is, you’ll never get used to it. Giving away the things you love is like giving your dreams away. It’s like giving away the very things that keep you going. And it’s impossible to get used to this…This feeling of losing a bit of yourself every time…

The thing is, even though you have to give up on so many things, you know you have to let go of those things, because if you refuse to let go, you’ll end up tied to them. And this will keep you from getting the liberty you want so badly. So just like every one else, you slowly separate yourself from the things that matter to your heart. You separate yourself, you lose a little piece of your heart, just to feel the warm breeze of liberty. It’s all about being free after all.

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Bipolar fall

I am letting go of the little I had  

Loosening my grip, giving up the fight

Now what will fill my empty soul?

What will create a new hole?

One deeper


One that hurts better?

A new love

Don’t call it that

It’ll break me into pieces and watch me as I fall

I’ll fall

You’ll fall

That’s what I said, I’ll fall




After a year

Wow. I haven’t  changed a lot in one year. Although I’ve become more mature and I switched from being a college student to being a university student. Anyways, aside from those changes, I realize that not much has changed in the year 2013. Now whether this is a good or a bad thing can be subject for discussion. I’m still questioning ALL of my friendships. I’m unsure about my future and career. But at least I’ve got new projects and new passions to develop. Wish me luck, I could use some of that.