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Nothing beautiful asks for attention

So I opened my Tumblr this afternoon and I saw this picture. It just got to me. Not only what was written was troubling, but also the depth of the words and the dark background; it just got to me. “Nothing Beautiful Asks for Attention”.
For so many years I’ve been questionning myself as to whether I was good enough or not. Some may find their worth in life accomplishments, projects, talents, even wearing make-up, but it just seemed like for me, none of those would apply. Soon in a young woman’s life, she realizes her accomplishments are correlated to her looks and the way she behaves with men. I’ve soon realized that in order for me to get jobs and to make friends at school I had to conform to a certain level of “attention seeking behaviour”. I never actually wanted this for my life, but like a lot of other aspects of it, it just kinda happened on its own. So I decided I would be shaped by people’s looks and what they would see when they’d look at me: that is the way I dressed, did my hair, wore make-up, spoke, walked, danced etc. You probably heard this many times but this world is a really hard one to live in. All I would care about was the way people perceived me and it shaped me (in an odd, weird kinda way).
Some women meet the man of their dream who makes them feel like they don’t need anybody’s approval anymore to break this vicious cycle, but I got a different story. No drama, no drastic event, not even a handsome young man. I decided to focus on the real aspects and essence of life, and that didn’t have anything to do with my looks or the way people would see me. I experienced faith in such a way, even I can’t fully describe it. It’s like God wanted me to know that I was worth more, but He did it in such an amazing way: He just made sure I would never forget my worth anymore. Knowing that you are beautiful and that you do not need other people’s approval to move on with your life is one of the best feelings someone could ever experience. It brought me to a place where self-confidence went along with humbleness of heart and it simply made me a better person. The day a woman realizes that “Nothing Beautiful Asks for Attention”, she understands a huge chunck of her life. And that’s exactly what happened to me.
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