A Gift from me to me

Hey readers!

This post is the first of a long series of heart-warming posts, so get ready.

Needless to say that I am excited about this new blog. This truly is my gift from me to me for this upcoming year. 2018 will be filled with celebrating love and hope…hopefully, this blog will be a gift to you too.

I decided to start sharing some positivity online, as I realized not much of it is being shared lately. Between hateful comments, toxic behaviour and hate-posts, you can come crash here for some positive vibes.

This blog is mostly about creating a space where opinions can be shared in respect and in love. It is about culture, pesonal experiences, faith, food for the soul and book reviews.

I can feel there will be a lot of growth involved in this project, and I hope you will enjoy being a part of it!

Feel free to like, share, comment and subscribe for more.

Did I say I was excited? Yes, I did, but I’m just really excited. Okay let me stop.

Naomie’s words for Joy


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